A new meeting point of the city

With high quality mixology

Frank Bar

In the hotel lobby

Awarded Best Drinks List and Best Bartender of the Year by the national magazine Veja Comer e Beber 2016/2017, besides being awarded Best of Sao Paulo 2016 by the the national newspaper Folha de Sao Paulo, Frank Bar has already established itself as the new meeting point for locals and visitors who cherish high quality drinks.

Open Monday to Saturday from 6pm to 2am.

Sundays and holidays from 6pm to midnight.


"With a reference barman and handicrafted ice, Frank is voted Best Bar in Sao Paulo."


Folha de São Paulo,

Restaurantes, Bares e Cozinhas 2016, O melhor de São Paulo

(national newspaper, food section)

" Revisited classics and creations that are light years from the obvious command the list of cocktails prepared with mastery by the well-trained bartender team.


To reach the excellence of what quenches the thirst - alcoholic - of the patrons, the bartender Spencer Amereno Jr. works as if he were a chef. He selects the best ingredients and thinks fondly in the preparation of creations and re-readings of classics."


Revista Veja Comer e Beber,

São Paulo, (Brazilian magazine, food issue) 2016/2017.

"The bar stools are a privilege. It's the only place in town where you can drink in honor of Sinatra, who inspires the bar's name, listening to Spencer Jr.'s explanations -who is a great chat himself- and his team’s."


Revista Época São Paulo, (Brazilian magazine)

December 2015

"A (almost) self-sufficient bar


Frank Bar prepares, in a hotel kitchen, 80% of the items it uses for cocktails, including the juice of 32 kilos per week of baked tomatoes that becomes the heart of the house's Bloody Mary.


"A chef should not use ready-made sauces. I reason in the same way: if I need a citrus vodka, I run away from the off-the-shelf ones. Instead, I buy neutral vodka and perform the whole process of flavoring the spirit, picking the fruit that will give the citrus notes and following the process," says Spencer Jr., head of the bar."


O Estado de São Paulo,

Caderno Paladar (Brazilian newspaper, food section) 08/17/2016.

Awarded Best Bar in Sao Paulo

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The Award-winning Frank Bar

Rua São Carlos Do Pinhal, 424 – Bela Vista – CEP: 01333-000 – São Paulo – SP

Tel. +55 11 3145-8000  | Toll Free: 0800.13.44.11 | Fax +55 11 3145-8001

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Rua São Carlos Do Pinhal, 424 – Bela Vista

CEP: 01333-000 – São Paulo – SP

Tel. +55 11 3145-8000  | Toll Free: 0800.13.44.11

 Fax +55 11 3145-8001


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